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Meet Allison

Allison Kraus (spelled with 2 L's and one S, not one L and two S's) is a musician and writer from New York City. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Allison grew up with equal enthusiasm for the works of JS Bach and the Little Women musical soundtrack. Recent projects include the off-Broadway production of "Tinytanic: The Musical," "Morbin' Time" at Caveat NYC, "All In Good Company with Rob Morean" at The Cutting Room, "Let You Be You" cabaret at the Mastercard Midnight Theatre, and more. She also has served on the teaching staff of theatrical institutions like Atlantic Acting School and Amas Musical Theatre, and is a member of the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop.

Alongside music, Allison is a film kid by trade. She studied film at American University, where she cut her teeth as a scriptwriter and short-form producer. Her work has premiered nationally on networks such as SportsCenter and Prime Video. Her scripts have been finalists in the DC Visions Awards, the Bluecat Screenplay Competition, and NYC Midnight. 

Allison abides by the motto "take your work seriously, but never yourself." Whether it be in music or media, she loves stretching her artistic boundaries and adding to her creative toolbox. 

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