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Video Editing

While Allison takes on the musician grind by night, by day she's a professional video editor. She's produced content for organizations like The George And Barbara Bush Foundation, ESPN's The Undefeated (now Andscape), MTVU (now CheddarU), and The Leadership Conference on Civil And Human Rights. Her work has been broadcast on ESPN's Sportscenter and Prime Video, and has been shared by the likes of Kerry Washington, Doro Bush Koch, and Santana Moss. Utilizing Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro, she has put together demo reels, music recitals, narrative fiction, documentaries, corporate conferences, nonprofit promotion, and everything in between. 

Allison operates as a freelance editor and videographer. Reach out here for rates.

Allison's sizzle reel. Reach out here to learn more about these projects.

Social media campaigns designed by Allison from 2019 to 2020.

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