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Meet Allison

A versatile performer, educator, and all-around music junkie, Allison is adept at weaving from genre to genre. Her compositional work includes pieces for piano, choir, theatre, and electronic mediums. Within months of arriving to New York City, Allison has already made herself known as a go-to accompanist and music director in the cabaret and off-Broadway circuit. Recent projects include the off-Broadway production of "Tinytanic: The Musical" and the world premiere of "Morbin' Time: A Morbius Musical Parody" at Caveat NYC. She also serves on the teaching staff of the Atlantic Acting School, specializing in musical ensemble performance.

Alongside music, Allison is a film kid by trade. She studied film at American University, and is trained in sketch from Squirrel Comedy Theatre. She pays the bills as a freelance video editor, having worked in the professional space for 5 years. Her scripts have been finalists in the DC Visions Awards, the Bluecat Screenplay Competition, and NYC Midnight. 

Allison abides by the motto "take your work seriously, but never yourself." Whether it be in music or media, she loves stretching her artistic boundaries and adding to her creative toolbox. 




Rosetta Lenoire Musical Theatre Academy

March 2023

Allison joined the Spring staff at the Rosetta Lenoire Musical Theatre Academy at Amas Musical Theatre as a music instructor. Click here to learn more about Amas!

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